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Twenty years of “Abnormalarts”

10 Sep


The California Institute of Abnormalarts has been a fixture in North Hollywood for 20 years. Well, except for the time it was shut down for operating without a permit.

Actually, to this day, everything about the “CIA” feels a bit shady, from its out-of-the-way location along an industrial strip of auto body shops and liquor stores, to its collection of preserved human remains, to the way every other thing out of owner Carl Crew’s mouth seems to be a bit, shall way say, embellished. Crew designed the place to be an homage to old-time traveling circus and carnival sideshows, and it captures that feel quite well: There’s an air of mystery and sleaze about the joint, and every performer who takes the stage seems poised at any moment to do something either amazing or disgusting, or both.

It Doesn’t Get Any Weirder Than This North Hollywood Spot


How I spent my Halloweekend…

31 Oct

I’m sure the eight zillion Halloween house parties, club nights and steampunk soirees I blew off this past Saturday were all fine and dandy, but I gotta say, I do not regret skipping them one bit in favor of the amazing “action comic punk” spectacle of Peelander-Z. These guys put on a show, boy. Can you name another band that features a squid riding a unicycle? No, you cannot, because there isn’t one.

Usually I save my coverage of this sort of thing for Weirdest Band in the World, but this time around I was able to convince the good people at LA Weekly to let me share the weirdness with their readers. So you can read my full review of the show on their West Coast Sound blog. I quite like their new(ish) timestamp format, don’t you? There’s something kind of suspenseful about it. What’s happening…now? How about…now?? It’s almost like you were right there with me the whole time.

Peelander-Z – Bootleg Theater – 10-27-12