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Let’s drink and take public transportation!

25 Aug


For most big-city dwellers, being drunk on public transportation is no big whoop. But here in Los Angeles, where many residents are still only dimly aware that we have a public transportation system, it’s still somewhat novel. This was the inspiration behind one of my latest pitches to LA Weekly: Let’s do a bar crawl guide to each line in L.A.’s growing Metro rail system.

Unfortunately, another site called Thrillist just barely beat me to this idea. But I managed to convince my editor that if I presented my bar crawl story as us “testing” Thrillist’s map, there still might be an article here. He bought it, so I got paid to spend a recent Friday night stumbling from one Gold Line–adjacent bar to the next. Yeah, I have a pretty cool job. (I bet your pays better, though.)

Check Out Our Metro Gold Line Bar Crawl