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Let’s drink and take public transportation!

25 Aug


For most big-city dwellers, being drunk on public transportation is no big whoop. But here in Los Angeles, where many residents are still only dimly aware that we have a public transportation system, it’s still somewhat novel. This was the inspiration behind one of my latest pitches to LA Weekly: Let’s do a bar crawl guide to each line in L.A.’s growing Metro rail system.

Unfortunately, another site called Thrillist just barely beat me to this idea. But I managed to convince my editor that if I presented my bar crawl story as us “testing” Thrillist’s map, there still might be an article here. He bought it, so I got paid to spend a recent Friday night stumbling from one Gold Line–adjacent bar to the next. Yeah, I have a pretty cool job. (I bet your pays better, though.)

Check Out Our Metro Gold Line Bar Crawl


Let’s chug some history!

24 Jul


One of my favorite shows at the moment is Comedy Central‘s Drunk History, so I was pretty thrilled to get a chance to interview director/executive producer Jeremy Konner, who’s worked on the show with creator/host Derek Waters since day one. Among the many things we chatted about: Jeremy’s first drinking experience, comedy vs. historical accuracy, and the importance of the word “like” in modern vernacular.

I edited the interview down some for clarity and length, but most of the good bits stayed in. Here’s the best outtake, though, in response to the question, “What’s the most anyone’s ever drunk on the show?”

Probably a bottle of tequila. That was Kyle Kinane last year. And it didn’t stay down for very long. And by the way, we were not encouraging him to drink a bottle of tequila—and that’s why he drank a bottle of tequila. We were the ones who kept saying, “You’ve had enough.” Do not tell drunk, angry people they’ve had enough.

Anyway, full Q&A is up now on my latest outlet, Static Beach. For a fun drinking game, I suggest doing a shot every time the interview mentions the word “history.” You’ll be, like, hammered in no time.

Drunk History: An Interview With Jeremy Konner