I wrote my first novel when I was about eight years old. It was called “A Journey to Earth” and it was basically The Hobbit with aliens instead of dwarves, all named things like Gloop, Son of Gleep. I don’t remember how it ended but I remember I wrote it out longhand in a hardback notebook with a blue denim cover. It was the ‘70s.

My parents were both journalists and I was a contrarian, so I grew up determined not to be a journalist. Eventually I became one anyway. Turns out I enjoy telling true stories more than I enjoy making things up.

An editor at the Boston Phoenix (R.I.P.) named Stephen Heuser gave me my first break. He had the vision to take an online humor column I was doing called Hermann Hates (I was an angry young man, or trying to be) and spin some of my joke-laced rants into more nuanced and well-researched think pieces on topics like the temp industry and junk mail. I owe most of my career to him, and the rest of it to a couple of veteran music journalists named Brett Milano and Milo Miles, with whom I briefly worked at an ill-fated dot-com startup called SoundStone Entertainment. SoundStone paid too much for the domain and went under soon thereafter. It was the ‘90s.

Since then, I’ve written for a number of print and online publications, including XLR8R, PopMatters, BPM and LA Weekly. From 2004 to 2007 I was the Managing Editor at, where we took a dry directory and e-commerce site and transformed it into a content-rich destination for music fans. After that, I oversaw national music content for Metromix, an entertainment and nightlife guide that expanded from seven markets to over 60 during my tenure. Our parent company, Gannett, shut down the national content team in 2012 and spent the next two years phasing out the brand (except in Chicago, where it started), but I’m proud of the work we did there. I managed to archive a few clips before they pulled the plug.

More recently, I’ve written for The Daily Dot, and Insomniac, done the occasional band bio, and run a music blog called Weirdest Band in the World. If you like weird music, you should check it out. Also, I was just named Music Editor at L.A. Weekly, where I had been freelancing for the past several years. So that’s kind of a big deal.

Still on my to-do list: interview a Beatle, get my byline in Rolling Stone, ghost write a rock star autobiography, produce an all-music talk show, bike across country, and convince Talking Heads to reunite. If you can help me achieve any of these goals (especially that Talking Heads one), please contact me at ahermann(at) I look forward to hearing from you.

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